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Hachi-No-Ki roughly translates to (The Potted Trees) and is also the title of a Noh play, based on a story from c. 1383. It tells of an impoverished samurai who sacrifices his three last dwarf potted trees as firewood to provide warmth for a traveling monk on a winter night. The monk is an official in disguise who later rewards the samurai by giving him three lands whose names include the names of the three types of trees the samurai burnt: ume (plum), matsu (pine), and sakura (cherry).

Hachinoki the online store is based in Melbourne, Australia and offers hand crafted bonsai pots from local Melbourne artisan potter Marg Fenn. Marg has been practising and teaching pottery for over 25years. She has recently returned from living Malaysia where she taught pottery and hand crafts. Marg has developed an admiration for bonsai and has started producing bonsai pots in her own unique style.

We currently only accept payment via PayPal or COD if you elect to pickup in person. Sorry no international sales at this stage.

Margs pots are also available at Bonsai Sensation Nursery located at Narre Warren in Melbourne's South East.

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